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Bugtracker back on SourceForge!


The bugtracker is now back on SourceForge! Making use of SF for web space, CVS, releases and downloads, and mail lists. Not for bugtracking, if course - ;). That we use our own ... !

Manik Surtani

Bugtracker 0.2beta3 released!


Beta3 is now available for download. Much more compact, and faster too. This doesn't use the espada-0.1 library anymore, and uses log4j for logging. This also uses a single properties file for configuring the system - the bugtracker, webmacro, and log4j. Makes for much, much faster performance.

Manik Surtani

Bugtracker 0.2beta2 released!


This new release is now available for download. This mainly consists of bugfixes, feature enhancements, and some code optimisation. Practically, much more usable than beta1.

Manik Surtani

Bugtracker 0.2beta1 released!


After a long wait in CVS, bugtracker 0.2 - a servlet/webmacro template based implementation of the bugtracker - is finally packaged and ready for download. Some of the new features include user roles, which restrict all users from all functions of the system. While I do not recommend this release for production sites, I do encourage everyone to download this, install it, and give it a bashing. As always, feedback is much appreciated.

Manik Surtani

Mail lists active!


Thanks to Max Belugin, mail lists are now active for the bugtracker project.

Manik Surtani is alive!

2001-04-09 is born! This stems from the bugtracker application, which needed a place to reside. javafreedom will soon host many more open source java servlet- and ejb-based software.

Manik Surtani